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Based on Article 4, paragraph 1, item 26 of the Law on Road Transport, Booker, Travel agency, on May 11, 2015 brings the following

General Conditions of Transport

These General Conditions of Transport shall determine mutual relations between the carrier Booker, Travel agency, OIB 11653144299, Novigradska 21, Split and the client of transportation and passengers who use the services of carriers in domestic public road transport and conditions under which the carrier will provide service of transport to the passenger and his luggage.

Article 1

Booking procedure

Under the contract of carriage, the carrier is required to safely transport passenger and his luggage to the agreed route and the passenger is obliged to pay a fee to the carrier for transport.

The existence of the contract of carriage shall be proved by an e-mail confirmation.

Booking is carried out via the website of the carrier, Passenger who wants to book a transfer is responsible for the personal data entered in the contract.

By reservation of transfer via web site, passenger enters into a legally binding contract.

In order to passenger make a reservation, he is obliged to complete transferral form and enter the required information.

After the form is completed, booking of transfer will be confirmed by a written confirmation via e- mail.

Passenger's duty is to warn the carrier in the event that confirmation e-mail has not arrived or in the event that booking details are entered incorrectly. All the details that passenger enters or are required to be entered in the booking process, will be shown in the confirmation e-mail. Passenger is required to keep it for the record.

Article 2

Cancellation and change of booking (reservation)

Passenger may cancel his reservation at no additional charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled transfer.

In the event of changing reservation which includes change of date, change of departure and arrival point or type of vehicle, the carrier does not charge an additional fee, but the price is formed according to prices on the carriers' website.

Driving personnel of the carrier, shall be obliged to perform transport by the shortest route or through the route assigned by the passenger, when permitted by traffic rules.

Article 3

Transportation of passengers

The carrier will transport any person who complies with these general conditions of carriage.

During the transportation, driving personnel of the carrier, may exclude from the transport a passenger who:

- undermines peace and order in the vehicle

- threatens traffic safety

- interferes with operation of driving personnel

- rudely refers to other passengers and/or driving personnel

At the same time when passenger is excluded from transportation driving personnel shall hand him his luggage. In this case, passenger is not entitled to reimbursement of amount for transfer from the place of exclusion to the passenger's final destination.

On the transport will not be accepted:

-      persons showing clear signs of an infectious or mental illness and people with open wounds (unless transporting a person injured in a traffic accident to the nearest hospital)     

-      children under the age of 14, unless accompanied by a parent or other legal representative, or with their consent, accompanied by another person provided that consent must be certified by a notary public, diplomatic mission or consular office. Children aged between 14 and 18 years will be accepted on the transport on responsibility of their parents with mandatory possession of personal document

 - persons whose clothing or luggage is dirty to such an extent that there is a danger of contamination of clothing of other passengers in vehicle or vehicle itself

-   persons under the influence of intoxicants (alcohol, drugs, etc.)

-     persons without appropriate clothing (in bathing suits, lacking parts of clothes and shoes etc.).

If a passenger accidentally or negligently contaminates the vehicle, he is obliged to pay cleaning of the vehicle in the amount of actual costs.

A passenger shall compensate any damage to the carrier made by his own fault.

For the duration of driving, passenger is obliged, at the seats that are fitted with safety belts, to use the belt in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Road Traffic Safety.

All potential consequences in case of adverse event due to non compliance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article shall be borne by passenger.

During the ride passenger should not lift from the seat, until the vehicle is stopped in order to disembark passengers.

During the transportation, passenger is insured by the insurance policy of motor vehicle liability.

Article 4.


The carrier determines the price of transportation for all relations and publishes them in an appropriate manner, via the Internet.

Shuttle service of passenger luggage is free of charge.

Hand luggage typically includes objects of smaller dimensions, such as handbags, networks and the like, that travellers can keep by themselves or under the seat, but in a way not disturbing to other passengers.

It is considered that the standard luggage includes 1 big suitcase and 1 hand luggage per person. Under the passenger luggage are considered suitcases, bags, backpacks and the like, the maximum weight of approximately 25 kg per piece.

The carrier may at the passenger's request accept on the transport no more than two pieces of luggage,  if there is necessary luggage space and at the same time does not overload the vehicle.

Valuables, securities or other precious things passenger is required to keep inside hand luggage.

Article 5


This declaration of confidentiality applies to the confidentiality of the data contained on the website that are by using these sites collected and stored in databases Booker, Travel agency.

Booker as service provider of website comply with the legal provisions in order to protect user privacy.

It is suggested to the end-users to read all mentioned on this page in order to understand which information Booker collects and how uses them.

Booker will keep as business secret all that found out about the passenger and without his consent, except in cases prescribed by law or by the competent public authorities, to no one will disclose personal information of passenger, collected for the realization of the contract of carriage and / or issuance of documents that are the basis for the right to the commercial benefits of the carrier.

Booker, Travel agency, should be responsible for the processing of passenger’s personal information. If you have any comments or suggestions about privacy, please contact us by e-mail at

Article 6

Any disputes between passengers incurred during transportation resolves driving personnel, whereas any disputes between passengers and personnel resolves qualified personnel of the carrier.

In the event of disputes over the understanding or interpretation of these General Conditions or inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Croatian version and any other version, the main and referent version should be the one in the Croatian language. Croatian version is available on the website booker.hrr (after choosing the Croatian language).

Article 7


According to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette no. 41/14) we inform our customers that any discontent in relation to the service provided can be expressed by complaint in writing via:

1) Regular mail to the address:

Booker, Travel agency

Novigradska 21

21 000 Split

2) Via email to the following address:

Response to your complaint we will give in writing within 15 days from receipt of the complaint. The complaint must contain the name of the complainant, the address for replies and the date of filing the complaint.

Article 8

These General Conditions shall enter into force upon its adoption and are available to clients on the website of the carrier.

Article 9

Carrier may change these General Conditions of Transportation in accordance with his business policy, applicable legislation and the EU regulations.