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"Thank you for travelling with us. We are here for you."


The Alka Tournament of Sinj

Today the Alka of Sinj is a unique knightly tournament in Europe held every year in August only in Sinj, a small town of inland Dalmatia. The oldest known written mention of the Alka of Sinj dates from 1784. These are three sonnets and an ode written in Italian language by a doctor and musician from Split, Julije Bajamonti. The oldest o...

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Trips to the colors, aromas, and fragrances of Vrgorac

At the bosom of Biokovo mountain which connects the sea and the islands, the coast and the hinterland of Makarska Riviera, lie countless hamlets, pearls of vernacular architecture, while its slopes come down to the rocky fields of Bunin, Rastoke and Jezera dominated by Vrgorac.

Vrgorac town and its rural area is a young tourist destinat...

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1001 DALMATIAN FLAVOURS – 5 must-try dishes in Dalmatia

Mediterranean cuisine is continuously being praised for being the healthiest, with the region being blessed with a wealth of fresh ingredients such as fruits, fish, herbs, and vegetables being available, creating sumptuous concoctions loved throughout the world. Croatian cuisine cannot be defned alone as just Mediterranean, as its influence goes far beyond the azure coastline of the Med. In fact, Croatian culinary traditi...

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Religious tourism

Apart from the sun, sea, beautiful bays and picturesque towns, excellent food, wine and olive oil, many travelers come to Dalmatia for religious tourism as well. Numerous shrines, beautiful churches, interesting religious events and tours, have a great potential for the development of the religious tourism industry, which counts up to several hundred million arrivals per year on a global scale. Although each place, even the sma...

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